To talk about specifics, space gates also have impact on our environment, which in case can be measured with Earth bound tools.
I have built a tool like this, which Greinacher figured out for something else back in 1913 (Greinacher Doubler, Quadrupler). However, I developed in addition an individual measuring method, with which by morning anyone can verify the space gate phenomena if happened during the night.




Wiring diagram


Wiring (circuit) diagram of the space gate detector




This tool doesn’t contain batteries, accumulators and AC adapters, it works by deriving energy from space...
In order to measure the presence of a space gate, in a way we have to study the phenomenon by itself, and/or its effects.
The occurrence of a space gate triggers its most significant effects in its own environment, so we have to look for solutions right there.
With our current tools we can’t measure the space directly, but on the basis of certain characteristics we can try to model it.
For this, we can use the regularly present cosmic phenomena, like radio waves, electric charges, air masses with random electrostatic charges. The mapping and storing of this data can model our spatial environment.


When we already built the device, we must first install it to a fixed location, where it will stay continuously for days, weeks and months.
So, it’s good to install it to a place where it doesn’t get in our way. The best to stretch the antenna right below the ceiling close to the wall. If, the building structure causes a shielded location of the antenna, change a different antenna location... (The final fixation is carried on after the test.)
When all this is done, we have to wait a couple of hours (it may vary by location) until the device is able to function.
Meanwhile, on the output we can see a steadily increasing value, which will stop after a while. In case we don’t have a high internal resistance measuring device, the hand held voltage meter will quickly drain the charge. Usually in Budapest, on average, 0.4 to 1.1 V voltage measured at the output, but this can vary significantly due to local spatial qualities.
The measurements should be done for several days, and always at the same time. So, if we want to know whether any special event has happened by night, then we must check the voltage level always in the early morning (around 5:00 to 6:00 hours), and after to short- cut the output, which will in turn delete the "memory. "(The system will restart automatically.)
We have to calculate the average from the several daily, weekly measurement results. In case this average is about to jump with a minimum 40%, then we can assume that in the night strange things had happened in the 3-10 meter vicinity of the device...




Test report sample


Test report sample (Click on the picture for empty pdf file)




Like a stone thrown into water makes circular waves, similarly the space gate can distort and tilt the surrounding space. The device will store this "space tilt" (gravity waves), which we can be later read out of it in the above mentioned way.


It could happen that we can’t measure anything at the output. This means that during the last few hours the environmental space was calm... In this case, we unfortunately can’t think of an appearance of a space gate in the previous time frame.
At other locations I have already measured 4.2 V maximum voltage on daily average. There, get higher than 5.5V voltage in case of a nearby space gate.




In action




Just another connection:




The stored energy turned into light


The stored energy turned into light




If the system is set up and at the measured output is steady, the LED blinks by pressing the button, it becomes visible in the form of light. After the flash the voltage level falls approximately 1.6V on, but the system will start up again, and will in short restore to a value of about 2.5-3V, so the flashing of the LED could be periodically repeated. Do not use it this way at higher voltage, because the LED may be damaged. Then we could serial bound the correct resistance, or to put a different elctrical unit on it.


In case of the proper "field strength", skillful ones could train the machine in a way, that the LED lights should indicate the space gate phenomenon that may have occurred. (for this, there has to be a daily average output level of minimum 1.3-1.5V).




In action




I can present the working of the system locally (Budapest, Hungary)








I created with detectors of different properties a little bit more complex measuring system, from which one detector monitor the mansard, and four others the ground floor area.




The measuring arrangement


The measuring arrangement




The measurements were always carried out roughly at the same time in the morning and evening and were recorded accurately in a test report. After the morning measurements the output has been shorted for 4 seconds. The measurement results can be found in the following test report:




test report


To enlarge it click on the image (pdf)




By looking at the measurements, it can be seen well how the system is built. The stable result at mornings and evenings and also one meaningful anomaly hit.
In the mean time, I can surely say that the storms (lightning) are effecting the detectors in a negligible way. During the recent storms I was able to verify this thoroughly.
If we learn exactly the induced effects of a phenomenon, than we can anticipate the phenomenon itself, and even we could trigger the phenomenon itself...
If you have a question that you can't find an answer to on this web site, please write me an e-mail and I will try to answer it quickly and fully.


August 2014.





When I get up in the night, most of the time I turn on the lights. In this case, I did not do so and I went out in the dark to my washroom. Then I experienced something strange. At my upper floor stearcase fluorescent lamp on the ceiling was switched off, yet it flashed in regular periods.




upper floor


My upper floor walkway, beneath the fluorescent lamp pulled out in perfect condition.




For several weeks I made measurements around the lamp in various positions with a 1.5-meter antenna space gate detector. I managed to measure and also to isolate, that from the rooftop walkway near the ground floor and attic, there exist a roughly four-meter diameter sphere with significant values, while outside the sphere only a very marginal value size.
Based on the results of my measurements, this 4-foot diameter sphere is a static space, by its rotation or pulsation was the periodical blinking of the fluorescent lamp in the ceiling. This revolving space has probably been here for a very long time, but I was able to measure it only now.
I also realized that this space could be excitating with an electrical discharge within the space.
In this case, its energy will become much greater.
The flashing light is unfortunately very weak. But if somebody is curios enough conserning this light, can try it on a synthetic material in full darkness, (for example a thermo pullover) moving the fluorescent glass surface. The fluorescent lamp will light up a kind of mysterious light without any source of power turned on...


April 2016